In 1994, the UBC Computer Science Students' Society held its first Computer Careers Fair. In that year there were less than fifty students in the graduating class, and twelve companies attending this inaugural event. Many of the students were like us, trying to pursue a career in a field they enjoyed. The careers fair presented opportunities to students to meet with employers looking for well-trained and talented prospects. Over a decade later, and the emergence of the Internet is changing the way people and businesses communicate. The market for computer technologies has never been more exciting.

This year, we've partnered up with UBC Engineering/Physics, the UBC Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and UBC Cognitive Systems for the first time ever to bring together a total of thirty-two companies. To accommodate this number of firms, the fair will be taking place in the Student Union Building's Ballroom (2nd floor).

To all the students participating, good luck and may the 2008 UBC Career Fair help guide you to a long and successful career.